Monday, June 6, 2011

1990 Vanagon Carat TDI stage IV conversion--on the road and completed

We aren't superstitious by nature but we never ever put on our TDI badges until it's time to hit the road.
For some reason we've been languishing a bit on this conversion.  But suffice it to say we've turned out the nicest Vanagon conversion we've done to date and just today got it out on the road for its maiden voyage.  I can already tell this lil van is gonna be a powerhouse, but for now we go easy and let that tight new engine break-in without undue stress.

Here are some progress pics:
 Engine bay with red silicone coolant hoses and blue silicone boost hoses.  Professional install means no errant wires on this drive-by-wire machine.  How many wires do you spy?  ;-)
 Scan Gauge II, working tach, and EGT gauge mounted sleeper style on A-pillar.
 High flow muffler, flex pipe and L side engine block.
 View from underneath with foot/leg for scale.

 Shop owner and Van owner happy to finally be sitting around the completed TDI engine bay together.

When we put on our badges it's official: This van is now TDI powered.

Front TDI badge.

Rear disc brake conversion finale:
This is a very sweet mod that has got me eyeballing my EV hindquarters in a new way.  As soon as I have the time and wherewithal I will be doing a similar upgrade on my rig.

 L side rear disc brake final.
 Rear view L side.
 Rear view R side.
Rear view wide angle.

***All pics and conversion work done by Grease Works and TDI Powered.

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