Friday, June 24, 2011

95 Eurovan EVC TDI conversion

Looking down the conversion line can be dauting--one 95 EVC conv. underway, one on deck and a 5-cyl Syncro waiting in the wings.

We've been super busy as of late trying to get caught up and get back on schedule, so postings have been scarce.  Finally today I have a little time to post about our latest conversion which is nearly complete: A 95 Eurovan T4 EVC with an auto to manual trans conversion as well.

Here are some pics of the build up and install:

 T4 4-cyl dipstick hole at back of block.

 Viewed from underneath before tube installation.

Dipstick tube installed with lower dipstick tube support bracket bolted down.
 Upper support bracket for dipstick tube, showing alignment.

Pics of engine build on stand:
 T4 4-cyl oil pump and oil pan baffle.
 T4 4-cyl oil pan.
Completed AHU engine built for T4 installation, new K03 turbo perched in its position, ready for action.

Front shot of completed AHU T4 engine.

Engine/trans mating:

 Rebuilt AHU TDI engine mated to rebuilt/regeared 02B transmission.

Engine installation:
 Engine/trans on custom tall dolly for EV installation.
 Dolly being rolled into position under van.
 Fine adjustments are necessary to install the eng/trans this way.  There is literally 1-3mm of clearance on either side of the eng/trans.
 Engine in final position, van is lowered down onto engine.
 Engine is bolted to EV frame ears and then lifted off.
AHU TDI engine installed in a 95 EVC.  Now it's a matter of hooking up all the various eng systems and making final electrical connections.

***All pics and conversion work done by Grease Works and TDI Powered.

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