Monday, June 6, 2011

EV mods/upgrades continued

Finally had a chance to finish up a few loose ends, just as the weather is starting to hint at a trial of summer for a change.

Fiamma awning final install:

 Redmond Oregon sunset.  Clearwater Native Nursery.
The Bees-knees:  rebuilt/re-geared trans for my van:
This our homemade US edition of the EWB trans built by German Transaxle to our spec starting with a CCW 02B core, and a 4.23 R&P, 3rd (1.36)and 4th (0.97) from an 02A trans and a 0.717 5th from a euro spec TDI.  The only thing missing is a limited slip diff!!

 By-pass oil filter test fit and finalinstall on 93 TDI EV:
For those unfamiliar with this concept, a by-pass oil filter is run in addition and parallel to the stock full-flow engine oil filter.  It functions as a separate oil filter supplied independently from the full-flow filter and its sole function is to filter the oil to levels not possible with the stock oil filter (< 2 microns).  Since all of the oil in the engine must go through the full-flow filter before it is delivered to critical engine components (bearings, cam, pistons, turbo, etc.), it cannot filter to such fine levels due to the resulting restrictive flow.  The by-pass filter is fed via a high pressure oil feed and the filtered oil (now low pressure) is returned to the engine, usually dripped back into the valve cover.   The BEW by-pass filter kit and my 93 TDI EV were the test platform for the following install: custom oil by-pass filter bracket and filter housing.
 This experiment started at the suggestion of a customer.  Researching by-pass oil filter setups for TDIs revealed that custom install kits for the AHU is widely unsupported.  Our solution: retro a later BEW TDI by-pass oil filter kit to fit our needs on an AHU installed an EV.
 Installed on AHU engine, side view.
 Return oil line from by-pass filter to provided filler cap.
 It's a tight fit, but the only thing that needs modding from the dieselgeek BEW kit is the return line.  It needs to be about 4' instead of <2'.  Easy solution: We bought the same tubing in bulk qty from our hose/tubing supplier.
Tough lighting conditions--Sorry!

Oil filters viewed from the front of the van, stock full flow on L, by-pass on R.

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