Saturday, May 8, 2010

Almost there!

Had a short week in the shop on account of a cross-country road trip with my mother (MA to OR 3177 miles).  She's moving out here to Oregon so I flew out to help her with the move.  I flew into Mass. on May 1 (Sat. night) at 12am and we hit the road at 11:30am on Sun.  We drove non-stop on I-90 until Sioux Falls, SD (~27hrs at 70-75mph) where we got a room and some much needed sleep for the night.  Then another 13.5hrs got us into Butte, MT the next night where we got a room.  The next day was the most interesting part of the trip up through NW Montana on I-90 and down through the Idaho panhandle.  Another 13hrs got us back to Corvallis around 6:45pm on Wed night.

Back in the shop on Thurs/Fri and playing catch up on orders and phone calls and what not.  Only got a few hours in on the EV project, mostly small things like torquing the crank shaft bolt, installing the euro T4 oil pump and oil pan.  I also  installed the new K03/04 hybrid turbo and oil feed/return lines, valve cover and the 120A alternator.  Also installed a clutched pulley on the alternator (FWIW).  Received the VR6 clutch disc and pressure plate (higher clamping force than the TDI one) as well as the new timing belt/tensioner/roller, so hopefully I'll have some time this weekend to install those and time the engine.  All in all it's starting to look respectable:

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