Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Intercooler system/AC system

Here's the first mock up of my water-to-air intercooler sitting behind the intake manifold with blue silicone hoses on either side:

I had the IAT sensor port, as well as a 1/8" NPT port for MAP hose welded onto the intake manifold 'barb' since it was long enough to accomodate that.  Overall, very short run of charge pipes and should make for a very efficient intercooler--especially since it's rated for 300+HP engines.

Ran into the first significant hitch with the conversion, which is fairly minor overall: The TDI AC compressor has different port sizes than the EV AC lines.  I tried to swap the rear end of the AC comps (EV to TDI), but they are too different to make them work this way.  Tomorrow I will try to modify the EV comp to work on the TDI alternator/compressor bracket, so there's still hope that it will be relatively painless.

Coolant system is finished as of today.  I ended up setting it up as a merger between the two systems, 4-cyl EV and AHU TDI, since neither way would work without adapting one to the other.  In the end it's fairly slick and uses the stock TDI hose config. on the front of the engine, an A1 coolant hose turned 180* towards the frt of the engine, the TDI coolant pipe (that returns coolant from the cabin heater to the water pump), stock 5-cyl aux. 12v water pump, and three additional fittings: one 3/4" tee and one 3/4" wye  fitting, and one 5/8" plug.

Lwr rad hoses, 5-cyl EV on bottom           
4-cyl EV on top; The 5-cyl hose has been modified slightly with a 39mm trim off the water pump end.  With this mod it can be used on the 4-cyl TDI engine.

Upper rad hoses, 5-cyl EV on bottom, 4-cyl EV on top.  These are different enough to warrant use of 4-cyl EV one, though it is feasible to mod the 5-cyl EV one enough to make work on the 4-cyl engine.

The only major system remaining is the fuel system and luckily that's our specialty.  If all goes well finishing up the electrical it should be running tomorrow or thurs.

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