Wednesday, May 26, 2010

gnat's hair away

I've been a bit distracted by other needs at the shop over the past few days.  We've got to keep our paying customers happy and on the road if we're gonna finance these fun side projects...

We finally figured out the vexing electrical issue we were dealing with on Mon, after 2.5 days of head scratching, UK T4 forum searching and wiring diagram studying. Our TDI wiring guru John systematically went through the instrument cluster wiring schematics comparing the Passat TDI to the 93 EV and at the end of a long day figured it out. Way to go John!

Now the TDI cluster is completely working and fits like a glove in the dash. No mods necessary to fit it--just drops right in and secures with the stock screws.  It's also an nice upgrade with the digital mileage/odometer and check eng light/glow plug light already built in. My only complaint is this cluster is from a TDI with 198k on it and my EV only has 138k, so I'll be hunting for a lower mileage one...

We also installed the EGT (exhaust gas temp, AKA pyrometer) gauge on the dash yesterday in one of the blanks on the dash by the stereo. This gauge install looks nice and stock and I'm very pleased.

At present I'm working on the intercooler (IC) radiator mounting, and still have the upper mount to fab. This is going behind the L headlight. After that it's just wiring up the IC rad fan and aux water pump for this independent coolant circuit. I'm planning on wiring the fan and pump to be triggered by an adjustable (3-20psi) Hobbs type pressure switch tripped by boost pressure. The circuit will also have one of our adjustable timer delay relays (6-300s DOB) so that when the Hobbs switch tells the fan/pump to shut off it will be delayed a pre-set length of time in order to deal allay any heat soak issues.

IC radiator/fan

Intercooler plumbed and awaiting coolant circuit

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