Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Go day

Yesterday was go day in the diesel shop.  We had a few loose ends to tie up in the AM, and a business meeting till 3pm, but then it was finally time to install the new powerplant into my 93 Eurovan.  Here's a pic of the dressed engine w/VR6 clutch disc/pressure plate just before mating to the transmission:

We also did the final install of the 4-cyl Eurovan dipstick and it went remarkably smooth with only slight mods being necessary to the upper and lower mounting tabs on the dipstick tube.  Due to the angle of the engine in the Eurovan, the dipstick enters the engine from the rear and the blockmust be drilled out to accept the OEM dipstick.  This is made easier by the fact that the 1Z/AHU TDI engines have the flattened boss in the block already, so it just needs to be drilled out to accept the dipstick.  Here's a couple pics of the dipstick installed.

Dipstick on left side of engine going up at a diagonal. 

detail of the lower dipstick mounting flange

Another notable thing worth mentioning here is the R side engine bracket for the 4-cyl engine.  This bracket is special ordered from VW of Europe and was the bracket used on all 4-cyl EV installations.  The original 1Y/ABL 4-cyl engines (1.9/1.9TD) that came in the EV in europe had 10mx1.5 bolt holes where this mount attached to the block, but the 1Z/AHU TDI engines have two 8m and one 6m holes here instead, so these must be drilled out using a 8.5mm drill bit and then tapped with a 10mx1.5 tap.  The top hole is drilled all the way through, and the other two only as deep as they were originally.  In order to stay consistent, we used the factory spec bolts for holding the bracket to the engine block, 68mm long for the top on, 48mm long for the bottom two:

4-cyl mount in foreground with 3 mounting bolts w/multi-splined heads visible.  The bottom one is also shared with the lwr T-belt cover.

Close up of mounting bolts.  The bottom bolt fastens the lower timing belt cover.  This cover is specific to the 4-cyl EV engine install so must be used.

In the pic to the right, notice how the bellhousing has extra bolt holes above the bolts holding it to the engine.  This made is so the 02B transmission could be mated to the 4-cyl or 5-cyl engines.  VW is sometimes very clever.

This pic has the appearance of an engine way down at the bottom of a well, but that's the 4-cyl TDI engine installed in the Eurovan.  Lots of room on all sides of this engine, so hopefully servicing the engine will be a bit more humane compared to the 5-cyl engine.

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